Existing customers–please request an upgrade from your authorised distributor or Acrulog

  • Latest Acrustat version: 5.0.8
  • Please contact Acrulog or your authorised Acrulog distributor for a copy of the Acrustat software.


  • Latest Acrulog Diffusion Logger firmware: 4.26
  • Latest Acrulog Pumped Logger (MST) firmware: 4.25
  • Original Acrulog Diffusion Logger firmware: 2.21 (not to be upgraded to 3.xx firmware)
  • Original Acrulog Pumped Logger (MST) firmware: 2.23 (not to be upgraded to 3.xx firmware)

Acrustat Server Access

  • Access to Acrustat server (Login required): via Acrustat software only.