1) How do I find an Acrulog authorised distributor or service center?
Contact Acrulog for authorised distributor or service centre details.

2) How do I know what  version of Acrulog hardware I have?
Hold the touch button down and go to Status and release. The screen will show the SW version: Original Acrulog units are designed to operate with version 2.xx or earlier V6 Acrulog units are designed to operate with ver sion 3.xx or later.

3) What is the difference between an original Acrulog and the V6 model?
V6 Acrulog units are the latest model with new features available such as optional 4G or
RS485 communication.

V6 pumped loggers also included improved battery life and optional 5 to 12 VDC power input (original version power input 5VDC only)

4) What type of batteries do the Acrulog devices use?
All Acrulog devices can use either lithium or alkaline batteries. Please refer to the specific Acrulog model’s user guide for battery size, type and number of batteries used in your device.

5) Can I ship my Acrulog units with lithium batteries?
Shipping any device with lithium batteries may be classed as shipping dangerous goods. Check with your shipping company prior to sending any device with lithium batteries for their dangerous goods policy and requirements. Alternatively, you can remove the batteries or ship using Alkaline batteries.

6) How do I connect to an Acrulog device?
Acrulog devices can be connected via Bluetooth to Acrustat on either a laptop or PC.

7) What operating system does the Acrustat software require?
The Acrustat software requires a Windows 7 or later operating system for normal operation. Acrulog recommends using a Windows 10 operating system to ensure full functionality.

8) What signal output options are available for the Acrulog device?
All Acrulog devices can be purchased with either; 4-20mA, RS485 (Modbus), or 4G output.

9) What is the minimum logging interval of an Acrulog?
Acrulog PPM and Differential pressure loggers –1 second minimum logging interval.
Acrulog pumped logger (IPX PPM, PPB and IPX Dilution) -10 minute minimum logging interval
10) How often should I calibrate my Acrulog device?
Acrulog recommend calibration at least every 6 months.

11) How often should I bump test my Acrulog device?
Acrulog recommends performing a bump test all gas loggers prior to deployment.

12) What is the difference between PPM & PPB, and where would I use a PPB over a PPM logger?
PPM stands for Parts Per Million, PPB stands for Parts Per Billion and is able to detect a much lower level of H2S than that of a PPM logger (billion is up to 1000 times more sensitive, 1PPM = 1000PPB). PPB loggers are generally used where H2S can be smelled but not detected by a PPM logger.

13) How often do I need to replace the desiccant in my Acrulog PPM or Differential Pressure loggers?
Desiccant is recommended to be changed when either; the desiccant colour-change beads change from orange to green/blue, 6 months since previous change, or when changing the batteries.

14) When do I need to replace the humidity control pack in the Pumped loggers?
The humidity control pack will need to be change when, either, the pack is dry (crunchy), or when full (highly fluid like water).

15) How do I know if I have the latest Acrustat software, and Acrulog device firmware for my product?
Click here to find the latest software version number and Acrulog device firmware number for your Acrulog model.

See below questions on how to update.

16) How do I update my Acrulog device to the latest firmware for its model?
In order to update an Acrulog with the latest firmware, the device will need to be sent to an
authorised Acrulog service centre. Acrulog recommends checking with your authorised Acrulog service centre if updates are required prior to sending off your Acrulog device.

17) How do I get the latest version of Acrustat?
Existing Acrustat users, please  contact your authorised Acrulog distributor to obtain an upgrade.

18) How do I log in to the Acrustat Server?
Acrulog server is only available to customers with modem Acrulog devices and an account set up. In order to log in to the Acrustat server you will need Acrustat 3.00 or later installed on your PC or laptop. In the Acrustat home screen select ‘Login to server’, then enter your username and password.

If you do not know or have forgotten your Acrulog user name or password, please contact your authorised Acrulog distributor.

19) How do I decontaminate my Acrulog device?
Acrulog units should be cleaned using warm soapy water, rinse down the outside of the device. Do not submerge the device. Avoid contact with sensor inlets and exhaust.  Leave to dry before handling.

20) How do I know if my Acrulog is in logging mode?
When a Acrulog unit is in logging mode, either ‘LOG’ or ‘LOGGING’ will flash on the main display.

21) Why am I getting a low reading with my pumped logger when monitoring an odour control system?
If you are getting a low reading when monitoring from an odour control system (e.g. Scrubber, or charcoal filter) through a sample tube, you should;

  • Check for pressure (negative or positive) being exerted on the Acrulog pumped unit.
  • The sampling tube is of an appropriate diameter/length for the Acrulog pumped logger to draw a sample though.
  • Or for moisture and condensation in the sample line.

If the system has excessive negative pressure, then the system may be pulling the sample back into the system before it is measured by the Acrulog unit.

If the pressure is too positively pressurised off the sample line, too much gas may be being forced into the Acrulog unit. A T piece in the sample line to allow the venting of excess pressure may be suitable to overcome this issue.

As Acrulog pumped units micro sample, a sample tube with a small diameter and appropriate length should be used when monitoring.

Check for moisture and condensation in the sample line. If moisture or condensation is present in the sample line this could cause the low reading. Moisture and condensation absorbs H2S as it passes through the sample line. A sample heard dyer could be used to help remove excess moisture before it enters the sample tube, thereby improving the gas reading.

22) How can I get the Acrustat software?
To obtain a copy of the Acrustat software please contact Acrulog or your authorised Acrulog distributor.