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Acrulog™ H2S Gas Monitor (PPM) gas monitor

The Acrulog™ H2S Gas Monitor (PPM) gas monitor is a portable data-logger, designed to survive in the harsh environments typically found within the waste water industry.

Acrulog™ IPX H2S Parts Per Million Monitor (PPM)

The Acrulog™ IPX H2S Parts Per Million Monitor (PPM) is designed for indoor and outdoor continual use and will record levels (0-20PPM, 0-50PPM, 0-200PPM, or 0-1000PPM) of H2S with memory backup.

Acrulog™ H2S Parts Per Billion Monitor (PPB)

The Acrulog™ H2S Parts Per Billion Monitor (PPB) is a portable gas data-logger designed for indoor and outdoor environmental applications, to record low levels (0-2000PPB) of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), at sampling intervals of between 10 minutes and 1 hour.

Acrulog™ IPX H2S Dilution Monitor

The Acrulog™ IPX H2S Dilution Monitor is designed for indoor and outdoor continual use and will record levels (0-20ppm, 0-50PPM, 0-200ppm, or 0-1000ppm) of H2S and features remote-draw sampling capability and memory backup.

Acrulog™ H2S Breakthrough Monitor (PPM)

The Acrulog™ Hydrogen Sulphide 0-50 PPM Breakthrough gas monitor is designed to continuously monitor carbon filters and log H2S breakthrough. Operators can then replace the filter when required.


Other Loggers

Acrulog™ Differential Pressure Logger

The Acrulog™ Differential Pressure Logger is simple and compact pressure data logger for harsh environmental monitoring.

Acrulog™ VOC PPM Logger

The Acrulog™ VOC logger is used for long term monitoring with 10.6 eV PID lamp using micro sampling technology (MST). 

Fixed Systems

Acrulog™ Continuous Emission Monitor

The Acrulog™ CEM is a continuous emissions monitoring modular system. This product can house a variety of loggers from the Acrulog™ range. The product is available in either one, two or three-point systems and is robust and hard-wearing. Enhanced temperature controlled systems are available with programmable temperature module and insulated chamber.


Acrustat – Acrulog™ Data Access

Custom Acrustat software has been designed for easy download and graphing of Acrulog™ data and configuration of Acrulog™ loggers. Keep a library of your scientific data for analysis at your fingertips and quickly configure your fleet of loggers for deployment.


Acrulog™ Gas Dilution (GDS)

The Acrulog gas dilution system has been designed as a complimentary product for use with the Acrulog range of gas monitors. It allows the user to do response testing of Acrulog monitors in the field. The gas dilution system can also be used to calibrate or response test Acrulog monitors down to PPB levels in a controlled workshop environment.

Inline Sample Dryer

Acrulog™ inline dryer, for wet well environment monitoring.

Floating sample dryer helps reduce and remove excess humidity from the sample prior to the sample entering the sampling line to improve sample readings.

RBW Water Trap

Acrulog™ RBW Water-trap, inline water trap

Used to remove excess water inline, or to prevent the differential pressure unit flooding, or being damaged as the result of water entering the sampling lines.

Sample Head Dryer

Acrulog™ inline dryer head, for external environment monitoring.

Used as a sampling point head, the dryer is fixed externally to the sampling point, with the blue filter sealed into the sampling location.

Sampling Tube

Sampling tube. Available in 3, 5, or 15 -meter lengths (9.84, 16.4, or 50 Feet)

Made of an inert material to reduce loss of H2S gas as the result of absorption in the sampling line, even at PPB Levels.

Solar Shade

Solar shade for housing Acrulog™ units in external environments.

Used to protect Acrulog™ units from weather conditions. Also reduce sensor drift as the result of rapid temperature fluctuations brought on by direct contact to the sun.