Acrulog MST is Micro Sampling Technology

Micro sampling is taking a sample of 30ml or less of gas and being able to accurately generate the same result as that of a larger sample.

All Acrulog pumped loggers use micro sampling technology and the range includes H2S PPM monitor, H2S PPB monitor for low level detection and Dilution monitor for high level H2S environments.

Similar H2S Monitoring Systems

Generally, similar systems sample at two or more litres of gas per minute. As a result, they require large or complex conditioning systems and processes to treat the quantity of gas being handled.

Micro sampling overcomes a number of common issues experienced by normal sampling methods:

  • With reduced amount of conditioning required before sampling, this overcomes the need for elaborate conditioning systems to treat large samples.
  • Minimal exhaust, any exhaust from sampling unit will be considerably less due to the sample size.
  • Greatly reduced sensor degradation.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Modular, compact design.
  • Portable, easy to maintain and service.
  • Moisture uptake reduced per sampling cycle.

Check out the pumped range of loggers at or give us a call to discuss how micro sampling technology can fit into your system.