Fast communication has become a priority in this ever-evolving world. The waste water industry is no exception with data-on-demand a must. To compliment 4-20mA and RS485 communications we already offer we can now offer this significant change. The latest Acrustat software incorporates server portal where you can download the data from the Acrulog server.

Features and Benefits:

  • Transmission from inside manholes*
  • Available in all Acrulog loggers.
  • Saves time and labour.
  • Significate EH&S benefits. Less handling required.
  • No site visits required for data retrieval.
  • 4G LTE offers a low power alternative to standard 4G.
  • Acrulogs transmit to a dedicated Acrulog server.
  • The Acrulog server is accessible via updated Acrustat software version.
  • Server data available anytime for download to a PC with Acrustat.
  • Transmission intervals can be user defined.
  • Recommended data-only SIM card is offered on a plan for ease of use*
  • Adjust settings with remote parameters function.
  • Standard antenna supplied with product.
  • Acrulog can offer alternative antennas and mounting options.
  • User may select alternative antenna (guide supplied in manual).
  • For further information refer to product pages at