About us

We make gas detection easier and more affordable, by providing accurate results at the touch of a button.

Acrulog™ is an Australian company that specializes in portable wireless environmental gas data-loggers. The team includes engineers and designers with 60+ years of experience in the gas industry.

Our expertise lay in the manufacturing, designing and servicing of instruments.

We continuously work on improving our product by reinvesting into R&D development, to ensure we meet both customer and market requirements.

With four patents pending, covering designs specifically for the harsh environmental monitoring, Acrulog™ is dedicated to providing innovative and long-term solutions.

Acrulog™ is dedicated to working with utilities to overcome the challenges experienced with monitoring in harsh conditions,and has developed a wide variety of methods to overcome these challenges.

Core Competencies

Concepting and customer consultation

Innovation, research and development


Product supply

Customer service

After purchase care and support

Servicing and repair